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School and Depression


School can be difficult time in the lives of many students. The hours of study can become very stressful and can extremely lead to irrational decisions. One of the worst things that can happen is being touched by a suicide. This is a theme that often comes in law school. It is sad that this is what happened in The Paper Chase , a story about a few students navigating their way through law school. The suicide attempt happened on the night of Kevin's big birthday party. Hart and Ford decided finally make their way over to the party at half past ten when they assumed it would be well underway. Instead they showed up as the only guests who had arrived all night.

Kevin's girlfriend Ashley answered the door and revealed that she had to stop him from committing suicide yet he still lay bloody on the floor in the bathroom. "He tried to kill himself. I stopped it. I had to. "I did not hurt him. He'll be all right." "

Death is arguably the most significant human issue there is, especially in the form of suicide. This was a very close call but at the same time it is a welcomed light that is shone into some of the dark sides of law school. This issue of students committing suicide is so important that precautionary plans need to be in place to prevent such tragedies in the future.

After a near fatal tragedy the group began with good intentions and those who belong in law school benefited greatly from it. Kevin actually dropped out of Law School before he committed suicide. There were also some great human issues that the group promoted and that was working hard towards success. The students ended up putting together outslines to study for their final exams which more resembled full length novels. This study group was no doubt more academically savvy then most groups. In many ways this should have helped Kevin but perhaps because his peers were academically superior to his deteriorating emotional stability. It is a shame none of Kevin's group members could have been with him the time he was alone and decided to end his life.

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