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"My Desire To Inspire"

I had a recent occasion to substitute in a local school to replace a teacher out on sick leave. After spending the day with a class of 20 young children I had a new appreciation for teachers. Observing the patience, energy, and individual attention they give to each of their students is something we should acknowledge favorably.

To think of all these young minds trying so hard to learn and follow rules is thrilling to watch. Our thanks should go out to all the wonderful teachers, mentors who perform their job with such care. Graduating day arrives all too soon, from young students to young adults.

Surely both teachers and parents must feel the delight of accomplishment. We can certainly see our teachers as leaders.

As much as we recognize our teachers so should we indeed realize parents who play the largest role in a young child's life. Children have an unconditional love for their parents.

Unfortunately the love they hold in their young hearts goes unnoticed. How can that be? Many times parents are to preoccupied with the daily routine of a job that takes them away from their children. The times are such where most parents are out to a job, leaving them exhausted by the time the day is over.

The point is the children suffer the lack of love for the sake of money.We have so many more latch key children than ever before. Youngsters letting themselves into an empty house with no one to greet them.

As a result of this situation most youngsters will aimlessley wander the streets looking for companionship, aimlessly walking throughalls, hanging out at pizza parlors, all for the sake of company. Unfortunately they end up with the wrong crowd because you have a problem brewing.

Please remember as parents we must take responsibility for our young, as important as our teachers are so are parents. Stand firm as leaders show them by the example you provide. Wake up the dream within you, creating a better life for your children and those you love. Seek a better financial life. Gain the freedom to spend more time with your children.

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Source by Rose Henn

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